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Rapid response team formed to fight SE Asian pirates


n response to the growing threat posed by robbers and pirates in the region the Malaysian and Indonesian navies have formed a joint rapid deployment team. The Malaysian side is based in Johor and includes a helicopter and the Indonesian side is based on Batam Island opposite Singapore. Continue reading

Piracy 2.0: The Net-Centric Evolution

Network-Centric Warfare derives its power from the strong networking of a well-informed but geographically dispersed force. – VADM Arthur Cebrowski, Proceedings 1998 Continue reading

Indonesian police detain three suspected tanker hijackers

Lily Bertha Kartika

North Sulawesi Marine Police have detained three alleged hijackers of the Indonesian-flagged tanker Rehobot. Continue reading

RM1.5mil fishing boat seized by robbers found on Thai island

ALOR SETAR: A Malaysian fishing vessel which was seized by gun-toting Thai pirates in the waters off Kedah last Saturday, was found anchored in Taratao Island, Thailand, three days ago. Continue reading

Vessel used to siphon crude oil from MT Joaquim seized by Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR: A tanker, believed to have been used by pirates to siphon 3,500 tonnes of crude oil from oil tanker MT Joaquim on Saturday, has been seized by Indonesian authorities. Continue reading

MMEA to scrutinise tanker’s navigation system


PETALING JAYA: MT Joaquim, which was reported missing on Saturday night and later found in Indonesian waters near Pulau Rupat, will be towed to Malacca before its navigation system is scrutinised. Continue reading

Navy carries out drills to prepare for hijackings

KUALA LUMPUR: Nearly two months since the hijacking of Orkim Harmony, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) carried out a rescue exercise to ready themselves for any future acts of piracy on the high seas. Continue reading