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Somalia: UN report accuses Puntland’s President of weak anti-terrorism policy, piracy links

United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has acknowledged in a confidential report that the President of Somalia’s North Eastern State of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has showed extreme reluctance to address the upsurge in extremism, saying his ties to pirate linchpins also remain apparent, Garowe Online reports.

The 8-member panel of UN investigators further spotlighted the increasing threat by beleaguered Islamist militants to the state’s peace, Al Shabaab infiltration into low-morale Puntland Forces, frailty of security apparatuses and Gaas’ links with top pirate leaders.

Citing poor cooperation from Puntland presidency and consistent stumbling block by President Gaas himself, UN monitors say:” The Puntland authorities hindrance is indicative of its apparent unwillingness to robustly address the threat of Al-Shabaab”.

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Source: http://www.garoweonline.com

Laws against piracy seriously flawed

An international law used for 400 years to combat piracy on the high seas and, later, to convict Nazi and Japanese war criminals, is seriously flawed, according to new research. Continue reading

SOMALIA: UN Envoy for Somalia welcomes release of hostages, calls for all remaining captives to be released

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia (SRSG), Nicholas Kay welcomed the release today of 11 crew members of the ship MV Albedo, held hostage since November 2010, and called for all remaining captives still being held by Somali pirates to be released. Continue reading

Rebuilding Somalia through investment and engagement is key to combating piracy

Tapping into the young, well-educated and passionate Somali diaspora is key to the economic rebuilding of Somalia, which is the long term solution to maritime piracy off Somalia’s coast. Continue reading

No Time for Complacency on Piracy

Maciej Popowski
Deputy-Secretary General of the European External Action Service

In 2011, 176 ships were attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Twenty-five of these attacks were successful. Continue reading

Libya reinforces commitment to peace and security at EU-Africa Summit

Libya’s message yesterday at the EU-Africa Summit in Brussels was to reinforce its commitment to peace and stability in both the country and the region.

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